The Reusables Project

Ending Period Poverty Sustainably

What is the The Reusables Project?

Period poverty is a worldwide health crisis that affects mental health, reproductive health, self-esteem and confidence. Reusable pads not only reduce waste to landfills but also ensure that individuals have consistent access to period products for years at a time, eliminating period poverty sustainably.

We're Holding Sewing Classes

We’ll teach you how to sew your own reusable pads. We’ve got pop-up Beginner only sewing classes at numerous locations in and around the Greater Toronto area. With small class sizes (5-7 participants) and an experienced instructor, everyone is given sufficient practice.

The Environment

Disposable period products can take between 500 – 800 years to decompose. Distributing reusable pads promotes sustainable living and diverts hundreds of thousands of menstrual product waste from landfills.

National Project with a Global Impact

Over the year we have mentored individuals and organizations in different countries to start similar projects in Italy, Mexico, Trinidad, Uganda, & Malawi. Many lessons were learnt such as universally accepted patterns and fabric alternatives, that would be key for anyone starting an initiative like this one.

“I love this initiative! Overall they [the kits] were great! As I looked through them, I was amazed to see what was included. I think our newcomer women will be able to use them. We thought they might slide around cause the back material felt kinda slippery, but they didn’t and they’re actually really comfy. Women suggested that they’d prefer darker coloured insides or really anything other than white.”

– Recipient Organization, Nova Scotia

Support our efforts on the ground.

We know where period poverty needs to be fought. We’re already on the front lines, listening, connecting, and caring. We just need your help fighting it.