No more shame. No more lack of access.

No more period poverty.

We want women and girls to talk about and experience their period with dignity.

Based in Brampton, Canada, we address period poverty at home and abroad.

We're Hosting a Gala

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We’re hosting our 2022 ‘Call It What It Is’ Fundraising Gala & award ceremony on Saturday July 30th at the Sheraton Hotel.

Join us for a formal evening to raise awareness and recognize the achievements of HAGO over the past 4 years, while enjoying live entertainment from talented artists in the Greater Toronto Area.

Come meet the young change-makers fighting for menstrual equity, stay for the ambiance and tasteful buffet dinner.

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1 in 3 Canadians under the age of 25 struggle to afford menstrual supplies.


unseen needs.

Menstrual supplies are a basic necessity—and for years they haven’t been treated that way. We distribute hygiene kits, donating thousands of tampons and pads to people in shelters, remote communities, and on the streets every year. Every time they’re surprised to find them in our care packages—because they’ve never received them before. We want to change that permanently.

We’ve given away 60,000 pads and tampons to people in shelters, remote communities, and on the streets.

Period poverty


When it comes to periods, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. But shame inhibits so many from achieving their full potential & puts many at risk. Stigma hides undiagnosed illnesses or causes victims to contract new ones through use of unconventional means.

We help people have honest conversations about their periods, their health, and their experiences—so that they can stay connected to each other and themselves.

We’re diverting thousands of period products from going to landfills this year.


period poverty,


Period poverty in the 21st century requires a zero-waste solution. We’re working with volunteers and organizations across Canada to get 5,000 reusable pads into the hands of individuals at high risk for period poverty.

We’ve opened conversations with over 375 young women and girls in schools across Canada.

Follow the conversation


our efforts

on the ground.

We know where period poverty needs to be fought. We’re already on the front lines, listening, connecting, and caring. We just need your help fighting it.