No more shame. No more lack of access.

No more period poverty.

We want women and girls to talk about and experience their period with dignity.
Based in Brampton, Canada, we address period poverty at home and abroad.


HAGO is an anti-poverty organization based in Brampton Ontario, that aims to eliminate period poverty in Canada and developing countries. We have distributed hundreds of thousands of menstrual products since 2018. Our efforts so far have served individuals and centers across Canada, the Caribbean and a few African countries.

CRA registered charity number: 736051517RR0001

“One in four (25%) of low-income Canadians experience period poverty. In developing countries, the reality is even worse – WAGE Canada”

One in four Canadians agree periods are dirty and unclean, and about one in five agree menstruation should not be publicly discussed (22%) and menstrual products should be kept out of sight (22%).

Addressing unseen needs.

Menstrual supplies are a basic necessity—and for years they haven’t been treated that way. We distribute hygiene kits, donating thousands of tampons and pads to people in low-income families, students, refugee centres, remote communities, and those on the streets.

“ I’m a university student & I come from a low-income household. I rely on government funding for school, housing and groceries. I’m anemic with heavy bleeding and fibroids. I can’t always afford the pads that I need. Please help! ”

Period Poverty is fueled by Stigma!

When it comes to periods, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. But shame inhibits so many from achieving their full potential & puts many at risk. Stigma hides undiagnosed illnesses or causes victims to contract new ones through use of unconventional means.
We help people have honest conversations about their periods, their health, and their experiences—so that they can stay connected to each other and themselves.

We’re diverting thousands of period products from going to landfills


lbs or waste diverted

Fighting period poverty, sustainably.

Period poverty in the 21st century requires a zero-waste solution. We’re working with volunteers and organizations across Canada to get reusable pads into the hands of individuals at high risk for period poverty.

What are we fund raising for?

  • Tangible Period & Hygiene Product Donations; (clothing & baby items must be brand new, Period products can be in individually wrapped packages).
  • We’re raising funds to buy fabric to continue our sewing initiatives and to ship care packages to recipient organizations and communities at home and abroad.

Support our efforts on the ground.

We know where period poverty needs to be fought. We’re already on the front lines, listening, connecting, and caring. We just need your help fighting it.